School Staff Contacts

Laura Alabau 2nd Grade Teacher
Marilyn Alber Art and Library Teacher
Jamie Avery MS Science
Nathan Barontini MS History/Religion Teacher
Rebecca Blevins Learning Specialist
Jennifer Bunecke MS ELA
Gina Carter 5th Grade Teacher
Rebecca Crouch K5 Teacher
Beverly Farley 3rd Grade Teacher
Allison Gurn 4th Grade Teacher
Kelly Herd Music Teacher
Clare Keat MS Math Teacher
Karen Lodise K5 Aide
Tammy Lopez Office Manager
Lauren Ludolph K4 Aide
Robin Marlar Advanced Learning Accelerated Learning Program
Bobby Moreau Athletic Director, Physical Education Teacher and Assistant Principal for Discipline
Karen Roman After Care / Aide
Juliana Simon MS Spanish
Shannon Slaughter 1st Grade Teacher
Hellen Stevens Media/Technology Specialist/IT
Michelle Sleiman Aide / Nurse
Marianne Tully Interim Principal
Michelle Zimmerman Cafeteria and Aftercare