Living Our Catholic Faith

Three religious education studentsAcademics:

Students in each grade from K5 to 8th have Religion class 4 days per week. Using the Sophia Press Spirit of Truth Series, teachers instruct and test students on their knowledge of the Catholic faith. Students are offered a variety of engaging and interdisciplinary activities such as geography, history, art, and poetry.  In addition our students are offered ideas for serving as a witness to Christ.  The series contains age-appropriate Scripture, Church documents and the Catechism of the Catholic Church to read and analyze.  This series provides our students immersion into the fullness of our Catholic Faith.

Sacraments: Each Wednesday, all students attend Mass in the church. After Mass, one class each week Priest saying Latin Massis invited to receive the sacrament of Confession. Teachers prepare students for Confession with an examination of conscience. In the second grade year, students prepare for the reception of the two sacraments of Reconciliation and First Holy Communion. Likewise in eighth grade, students prepare for the reception of the sacrament of Confirmation. Coordination of the first reception of these sacraments is handled by the Religious Education office of Prince of Peace Parish.

The Liturgical Year: Throughout the liturgical year, we celebrate as a school with prayer, processions, or festivities the various feasts and seasons as celebrated by the universal Church:  All Saints, , Advent, St. Nicholas, Immaculate Conception, Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, May Crowning, and more.

Nun surrounded by grade school studentsDaily Prayer:  Each day begins and ends in prayer. Throughout the day, students will pray together in the classroom and before and after lunch.  Finally, all of us, as members of Prince of Peace Catholic School community, commit ourselves to be the best we can in our school, in our community and in our homes. Therefore, we pledge:

“As a member of Prince of Peace Catholic School, I will show respect for myself and Priest leading students in prayerothers at all times. I will honor my work and the work of others, and I will work to the best of my ability for I have been made in the likeness and image of Jesus Christ.”

This school pledge is memorized by all students. For a complete statement of Prince of Peace Catholic School’s spiritual mission, click HERE