Letter from PTO President about 5 December PTO Meeting

Dear POPCS Families:

I hope that this message finds you all healthy and happy after celebrating a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I know that we, as a parish and school family, have much to be grateful for in 2020, especially that our children have been able to continue daily learning on campus with our wonderful teachers and staff.

As the PTO President, I said a special prayer of thanks for the amazing PTO board that I serve with, and the incredible POP families that support our efforts and selflessly give their time and talents to continually move our school forward.  Our new families have absolutely answered the call and stepped in to help in HUGE ways – solidifying our mantra that POP families are the BEST families!

This Saturday, December 5th at 6:00pm, we will have our first general membership “potluck” PTO meeting.  At that meeting, I will give a brief update on the events that have happened so far this year, what events are coming up on our PTO agenda, and what volunteer opportunities remain in the planning and preparation stages for our annual fundraiser – the POP Art Party – in May 2021.  From the details that I’ve been able to glean, it is going to be a fantastic time!!

Saturday’s short meeting will culminate in decorating the school for Advent.  We also have a surprise presentation for our teachers (although I guess it’s not REALLY a surprise if I’m putting it in my message!)  The school has some decorations already, and we will be covering classroom doors which the students will adorn with personal crafts throughout the season.  If you have “extra” Christmas decorations that you need to find a new home for, please consider donating those to the school.
We would love to have as many moms and dads there as possible, not only to make the work lighter, but to partake in the fellowship of our school family.  If you do attend, please consider bringing an appetizer to share with others.  Refreshments will be provided.  Please respond to the RSVP meeting invitation that will come out later this week so we can accurately gauge how many people will be in attendance.

Have a wonderful week!  We’ll see you all on Saturday.
May God continue to bless you,