Teacher Contacts

All teachers have access to e-mail and/or voice mail.  Please dial the main number, 864-331-3900, and then dial the teacher’s Voice Mail Extension (Ext.).

Name Position

Voice Mail


Mrs. Megan Craft K4 Lead Teacher | Learning Specialist 3953 Email
Mrs. Sis Sipler K4 Teacher’s Aide 3953
Ms. Rebecca Shafer Kindergarten 3950 E-mail
Mrs. Linni Kubic Kindergarten Aide 3950
Mrs. Jaime Larkin Kindergarten 3951 E-mail
Mrs. Karen Lodise Kindergarten Aide 3951
Mr. Jay Martinez First Grade 3952 E-mail
Mrs. Shannon Slaughter First Grade 3962 E-mail
Mrs. Laura Alabau Second Grade 3956 E-mail
Mrs. Beverly Farley Second Grade 3957 E-mail
Mrs. Laura Bress Third Grade 3955 E-mail
Mrs. Theresa Barnett Third Grade 3954 Email
Mrs. Suzette Campbell Fourth Grade 3915 Email
Ms. Martha Heichemer Fourth Grade 3963 E-mail
Ms. Jennifer Galloway Fifth Grade 3961 E-mail
Mrs. Robin Marlar Fifth Grade 3958 E-mail
Mrs. Kristin Six Seventh Grade (MS Religion & Reading) 3940 E-mail
Mr. Mark Brown Sixth Grade (MS History & Religion) 3942 E-mail
Mrs. Patricia Gailey Seventh Grade (MS Science & Math) 3943 E-mail
Mrs. Chris Martinez Eighth Grade (MS Literature & Grammar) 3941 E-mail
Ms. Lindsey Foley Sixth (MS Science & Pre-Algebra) 3943 E-mail  
Mrs. Hellen Stevens Media-Technology Specialist-IT 3960 E-mail
Mrs. Marilyn Alber Art (K5 to 8th) 3922 E-mail
Sra. Dulce Villagrana Elementary Spanish E-mail
Sra. Juliana Simon Middle School Spanish E-mail
Mr. Michael Spangler Latin (5th & 6th) E-mail
Ms. Kelly Herd Music E-mail
Mr. Chris Caver P.E. (K5 to 8th) 3921 E-mail
Mrs. Jan Carino P.E. (Middle School); Athletic Director 3921 E-mail
Mrs. Christy Decker School Nurse 3913 E-mail